Andreas Radloff

Born 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden.


Graphic Design (Media Design), Berghs School of Communication, 2002-2004

Ever since it was founded nearly seventy years ago, Berghs has been at the forefront of education within the Swedish advertising and communication industry.

Graphic Design is a two-year full-time education with a focus on visual communication and graphic design across both traditional and new media.

The education unites practical application with theoretical teaching to meet the challenges of contemporary design. A graphic designer must be a complete communicator, able to bring together strategic, critical and creative faculties. The focus of the course is on problem-solving and applying ideas into graphical forms. A major emphasis is placed on typography as well as on other graphic tools that students develop to a professional level during their education.

The education is divided into a series of courses that focus on graphic design for print and interactive media and moving graphics. Practical exercises are interwoven with theoretical studies in a range of ideas including: Idea and concept development, design history, communications theory, and visual semiotics.

Courses taken

Cinema Studies, Stockholm University, 2005
Javascript and Document Object Model (including AJAX), Umeå University, 2008


Developer, Oxys, 2013–present

My current position, a web consultancy in Stockholm where we do all sorts of fun stuff, like Drupal!

Freelance developer and designer, 2003–2013

As a freelancer I have done a lot of graphic design but since a couple of years I am entirely focused on coding. My portfolio contains a mix of projects I have contributed the designed for, only programmed, or where I have done both. Even though I am hired only for programming, clients usually appreciate my sense for design, it lets me "fill in the blanks" where the designer has not created any explicit artwork and saves a lot of time. I do most of my website building work with my favorite CMS, PHP-based Drupal.

Art Director, Södra Teatern, 2005–2008

Södra Teatern is a venue in Stockholm for performing arts and music. I was part of the in-house marketing team, art directing and planning the marketing of more than 600 events per year. This included a visual communication profile and hundreds of posters, brochures, ads and online marketing campaigns. I also worked with the in-house signage, creating a system of automatically updated digital displays running Adobe Flash applications.

Web Developer / Designer,, 1999–2001

Euroseek was a search engine and web portal in the style of Yahoo. I was part of the developer team, doing mostly frontend coding.

Language skills

Swedish (mother tongue)
English (very proficient)
German (novice)
French (in training ;-)

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